On the 7th Regular Session, the Hon. Vice-Mayor, Jonathan P. Chiquillo, welcomed the resource persons and, after which, was recognized and was given the floor to Dr. Melfe Grace Sanchez, Palo I District Supervisor and Dr. Philip L. Teraza, Palo II District Supervisor

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  • Call to Order. The session was called to order at 10:00 in the morning.
  • Opening Prayer. The opening prayer was done by way of a video presentation.
  • National Anthem. The singing of the Philippine National Anthem was conducted via a video presentation.
  • Palo Hymn. The Palo Hymn was sung and also conducted via a video presentation.
  • Councilors Creed. The Sangguniang Bayan Members recited the Councilors Creed with the aid of a video prompter.

The Hon. Vice-Mayor welcomed the resource persons and, after which, was recognized and was given the floor. First to present was Dr. Sanchez, Palo I District Supervisor. After having thanked  the Body for the invitation, she then begun on presenting the profile of her school district. Palo I School District District has 10 elementary schools, 2 secondary schools, the Palo National High School and Anahaway National High School, 15 non-teaching staff, a total of 359 teachers, and currently, has 10,681 enrollees.

Next to present was Dr. Teraza, Palo II District Supervisor. After having been acknowledge and given the floor, he started by stating that all school districts focused on Operational Framework, Learning Opportunities, School Operation and Engagement of the Entire Society, all geared toward the pupil’s equal educational opportunities and involvement of the parents and whole of society.

Both District Supervisors satisfactorily answered all the questions the Body had raised and assured that they are doing all their best to elevate the standard of learning within their respective districts and the body  extended  thanks  and appreciation to Drs. Sanchez and Teraza for their presence and presentation.

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